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Hi Friends,

You may have noticed I have been MIA for quite some time on my blog.  It has been 10 months since I last posted. I needed some time to evaluate where I wanted to go with blogging.  I had only been sharing information about my crafts and my Stampin’ Up! Hobby.  But I noticed I felt like I wanted to write about more than crafts.  I am solidly in middle age now (if you think that 52 is older than middle age then you just keep that to yourself while I live in denial).  I have been through some things, I have enjoyed some things, and I have learned some things. So, as I pondered my ability to put these “things” on the internet I thought, why not? Maybe that little trick I learned about mashing up my avocado could help someone? (I use a pastry blender) Maybe that really tough time I went through in life, and how I got through it, could also help someone? Maybe someone else would like to know why they need a bat shaped wine bottle opener? (okay, I haven’t bought it yet, but it is on my list) 🦇

So here I am ready to restart my blog.  My goal is to share things about my life with the hope that it entertains you and gives you some tips along the way. There is a high probability that my posts will include things like: Disney, cats, coffee, crafts, hair removal products, odd and unique gift ideas, strange and useless information, actual useful information, music, the 1980s, mental health hacks, the trials of weight loss and more.  I have always been someone with WAAAAYYYYY to many tabs open in my brain, so I am going to share some of it here.  😊

I hope you will stick around so you can have a laugh, learn something here and there, and find a perfect gift for the hard to buy for friend or family member. Like maybe an Astro photographer who also loves champagne, but you can’t actually afford their taste so you buy champagne adjacent gifts instead. (this example is my brother) 😉

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